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Poker Academy was created to fill an educational void for the person who has become interested in the game of Poker.
Poker on television has become a hit with fans. Men and women of all ages are rushing to card clubs hoping to cash in on the big score, realizing too late that there are basic strategies they must understand that will help them win.
Online Poker has become a multi-billion dollar business by creating a place to "play". The one thing that you cannot get from playing online is the personal interaction and feel of a real live game. The atmosphere, the sounds, and sitting across from your opponent are what make your Poker experience come alive!
Ask any professional Poker player and they will tell you that "Nothing can take the place of practice and playing a live opponent".
Poker Academy will give players a chance to learn the game, feel the intuitive process, and enjoy real live action without a large investment of money.

Mission Statement:
Poker Academy Practice Facility is dedicated to give young and old, new and beginning players something they cannot acquire online: a chance to learn to play poker from professional instructors in a real live poker room setting.

Future Goals
We have expanded our schedule to add more Poker games including: Omaha, Stud, Razz, as well as other poker games.

Poker Academy is an educational organization. ANY person soliciting betting or gambling will be asked to leave and their fees will be forfeited.

One Last thing:
Gambling is not just a game.
It can become a serious addiction!
If you or someone you know has a gambling
problem, call 800.522.4700 or go to:

Business Office 18334 Sherman Way Reseda, Ca 91335-4424 Phone: 818.343.4626 Fax: 818.343.5320 E-mail:

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