Cards Clubs are looking for new dealers RIGHT NOW!. The better trained you are, the quicker you will advance in your position at your new job. Poker Academy will not send you to any Casino until we are 100% sure that you are ready to work.

The Poker Academy teaches you all you need to not only pass your audition to work at a Casino, but to actually work at a Casino. Our course will set you apart from other dealers and will help you get promoted to full-time faster, which will then make you more money. Many schools only teach you what you need to pass the audition... but they don't help you get ahead once you start work.

Poker Games We Teach

  • Texas Hold-Em
  • Omaha High & High/Low split
  • 8’s or better
  • 7 Card Stud
  • Razz
  • 2 to 7 Lowball
  • Mexican Poker



Seminars are now by group appointments only. We welcome your home game group to attend a seminar of your choosing. You pick the topic, and we will do the rest!
Individual training is also available from one of our instructors.

Poker Events

Poker Academy provides the ultimate in Poker Equipment and Dealers for Guys (or Gals) Night Out, Family Get Togethers, Fundraisers, Theme Parties, Grad Nights, Church Events, Reunions, Holiday Parties, New Years Eve Parties, Birthday Parties, and much more! .

We Teach

Bluffing, Raising Messages, Table image, Chip Tricks, and Table Etiquette...and MORE!.


Poker Academy is committed to giving you and your guests the best possible poker experience available.


We have 10 full size poker tables (10 players each), casino chips, and we use Copag cards; Official cards of the World Series of Poker!

Poker Party

Poker Academy knows what it takes to create the perfect atmosphere, and we are here to guide you to a wonderful evening of Poker.